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CTPS Line Aligner


The Line Aligner Adaptor makes creating a line aligner rig totally foolproof. The sleeve simply slides over the shank and eye of your hook to kick out the hook length and give the perfect aggressive hooking angle.


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Hook beads, Bait bands, Maggot clips, Pva bags, Zig Aligners, Chod beads, Boilie needle, Knot puller, Micro rig swivels, Back lead clips, Kickers, Rig tubing, Anti tangle sleeves, Shrink tube, Boilie stops, Oval rig rings, Bait screws, Swivels, Ring swivels, Quick change swivels, O rings, Lead clips, Tail Rubbers, Fake corn, Quick clips

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The CTPS terminal tackle range has been sourced for quality and performance, as with all our products quality is paramount