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Here is how we roll at Carp Tackle Pound Shop For every £1 tackle item you purchase you will have a chance to grab some goodies worth a much greater amount, a bed chair, a landing net or even a Boat, are up for grabs!

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£1 No More No Less

£1 Carp Tackle Pound Store

It really is that simple, spend £1.00 and get a free spin on the SPIN2WIN wheel to get free giveaway’s such as Bedchairs, Bivvies and much much more

Premium Carp Tackle Pound Store

Welcome to our premium product section, here you can purchase more premium products and receive more free spins at the same time.

Pink Himalayan Salt Red Spicy Fish Boilies


These are the tried and tested Red & Spicy Fish Shelf-Life boilies but preserved with Pink Himalayan Salt, available to pre-order now, we expect to start shipping 14mm and 18mm by the June 1st 2019. We will eventually have all sizes as production ramps up but initially we will be rolling 14mm and 18mm for the 1st of June first shipments.


Red Spicy Fish Boilies


The Red & Spicy Fish mix is a real winner on all types of lakes. It was first used during the 1980s to devastating effect and still to this day is producing excellent results from very difficult waters. Made from the highest quality fish meals and fish oils it is mainly a summer bait but will also catch in the colder water. Since I have used the Red & Spicy Fish mix in conjunction with Tuna & Garlic the results have been exceptional. The bait has a very distinct smell and oozes carp, it can be used instantly to great effect but the best results will come from regular or heavy baiting.


The Carp Tackle Pound Shop

So, what are we, we are a company that want to give you the customer something back, we are Carp anglers and want to bring you the Carping public lots of freebies and that is what we are going to do.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 2 years developing our own wheel and sourcing products to give away to you the customer.

We have managed to get you the customer top quality terminal tackle for just £1 yes £1 no more no less just £1!!

It really is that simple, spend a Pound and get a free spin on the SPIN2WIN wheel to get free giveaway’s such as Bedchairs, Bivvies and much much more

The place you can purchase cheap terminal fishing tackle for just £1 and then a FREE spin on the Spin2Win wheel!

Please note sometimes we may have some ex-display goods as free giveaways, but all goods are brand new, some bigger items may not have the original boxes.

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